Binance donates 1 million USD for Japan’s heavy rainfall victims


Author: Nikolay Dimitrov
Date: 10th of July 2018

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On the 7th of July Japan has been hit with massive rains resulting in more than 200 people died or missing as reported by the watchers.

The cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has announced  on the next day, that they are donating 1 million us dollars to help out the victims. They have also called out other “crypto friends and partners” to join in and donate.

In their announcement there is an address where funds can be sent and the team will take care of the donation, also allowing the person to remain anonymous or his name to be publicly known.

The exchange has gained enormous traction after their ico last year and come up with positive news all the time.

They are expected to become a decentralized exchange in the near future.


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