Malware uses your clipboard to steal Bitcoin funds.

Author: Nikolay Dimitrov
Date: 3th of July 2018

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Hackers have created a malware that spies on around 2.3 million Bitcoin addresses waiting for its chance, reports bleepingcomputer.

The way that people transact Bitcoin is that a person A, copies an address that a person B has given him, and places that address in their wallet as a destination. The copy is stored in your clipboard and the malware activates when there is activity connected to Bitcoin addresses, replacing the address with that of the hacker.  This is the only time the malware activates so it is really hard to spot.

The hackers have recognized that people do not usually type the Bitcoin address as they are very long and mistakes can be made. Also the fact that people install all sorts of applications and visit untrusted websites without any concern for security. This is how people are being take advantage off.

The three most effective ways to stay protected is to update your anti-virus program, be careful what sites you visit and always check the address before sending funds.


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