Enigma XNG

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It is 18th of August 2017 today. This review takes into consideration investing in XNG at its current price at 6003 satoshi
Important: this is not the Engima that got popular lately (the one that was hacked). This is some other Enigma.

No logo.


Avoid like the plague!


Huge pre-mine, dumped by developer who immediately left the project. Massive PoS reward percent (huge inflation). Market cap of $4000. On its own for more than a year, traded by who knows who on YoBit – the biggest scam exchange (they stake their users’ coins). Has picked up in price recently possibly by market manipulation. No website, no activity, no purpose, the coin doesn’t do anything. No slack, no social media. A ghost.


You can read the 5-page bitcointalk forums announcement thread and this cryptocurrency’s shameful history here:





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