Signatum (SIGT)

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Signatum – shady, generic, rushed attempt to get a piece of the pie.



Not going to invest in this coin. Gut feeling.


A general-purpose cryptocurrency focused on anonymity. How many of those will we get. Another me-too. The white paper looks put together in a rush. The half-life of the cryptocurrency is very rushed 100 + 1.5 days (PoW, PoW+PoS, PoS). Inflation will be low (5%) and total supply is limited to 137 mil (not too bad), but I don’t see anything exciting about this coin. There are no real faces or names behind the project. It is going to be associated to the Dark Web and the TOR browser – which in my book means peadophiles and drug dealers. There is no roadmap, there are 3-4 general-purpose features outlined with a sentence per feature. No. Doesn’t even matter to me if it is a good time to buy or if there is another pump coming (there was one already)


We are not doing evaluation by the 40 indicators.


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