The reports you see on our web site are just a sample of what we can do. Our system for identifying investment opportunities within the crypto sphere by evaluating the projects/tokens/teammembers by 40+ traits is the closest one can get to value investing outside the traditional financial markets.

As a result of our work, both of us have managed to multiply our investments using this strategy, and we’ve received countless thanks, and have so far declined various offers for partnerships or many kinds.

There is a growing demand for this type of reports, and also for high-quality information and a deep level of understanding of the crypto world, and we are here for you.

Whether you are an amateur investor, a professional investor coming from the world of stocks, bonds and derivatives, a forex trader, a hedge fund manager, a stock analyst, a cryptocurrency trader, you can use some help with managing your portfolio, evaluating investment opportunities, getting trading signals and tips from us.

We can also provide consultations regarding performing ICOs, blockchain technology, crypto economics, exchanges, tokens etc

So here are our services:

– writing a full fledged report on a project you are interested in, using our 40+ traits system
– membership for our trade signals group
– consultations, reports on anything related to cryptocurrency and blockchain
– managing your cryptocurrency portfolio (by tips and recommendations. You hold the keys)
– managing your ICO campaign – upon request, depending on the responsibilities

new: we can arrange discounts from pre-ico prices for clients who can afford to buy bigger quantities