– the wild west cryptocurrency exchange

Anarchy. Chaos. Shitcoins. Altcoins. Cryptocurrencies you wont find anywhere else.

No known owners. No ID verification. Supposedly run out of Romania or Australia.

Pump and dump action. New coins listed weekly. Spikes after listing.

Trollbox full of idiots.

Bitcoin deposit address is reused. That makes up for bigger transactions each time you deposit, which makes for a slower transaction each time.

Annoying new chat message beep from the trollbox. Mute button works until next time.

Support does respond. It is known that support communicates with developers proactively regarding wallet maintenance.

I’ve traded there and have no complaints so far, it is actually my favorite exchange. Deposit and withdrawal work well. They even take care to annotate cryptocurrencies with special warnings, if there is something fishy about the coin – BCH for example.

Not in many other places you can find cryptos worth as low as 1-3 satoshi that can easily triple or even 10x your money within hours.

A regular sight at

Liquidity and volumes are very low. Most of the cryptos there are only traded there (and on yobit or novaexchange). It is like penny stocks.

Lots of risk and lots of opportunity at

But one morning they can just disappear and you can say goodbye to your coins, with no traceability.

So as always, invest at your own risk.


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