Weekly Newsletter #1 August 12th 2017

CryptoHydra Weekly #1

Hey there!
I stumbled across several opportunities this week, some of which I made profits on ranging from 25 to 400%.
Check them out below.
PS: This is my first newsletter I send out, so I am open to constructive feedback.

First and foremost – the risks in trading cryptocurrencies

This is a list of some of the risks typical for cryptocurrency trading/investing:

the exchange you keep your coins on, can just disappear and you will
never see your coins again. There is no investor protection in
cryptocurrency trading because it is not a regulated market https://themerkle.com/top-4-bitcoin-exchanges-which-disappeared-under-suspicious-circumstances/

the exchange you keep your coins on, can be seized by the FBI continue reading

Coinexchange.io – the wild west cryptocurrency exchange

Anarchy. Chaos. Shitcoins. Altcoins. Cryptocurrencies you wont find
anywhere else. No known owners. No ID verification. Supposedly run out
of Romania or Australia. Pump and dump action. New coins listed weekly.
Spikes after listing. Trollbox full of idiots… continue reading

Investment opportunity #1 Bitquence BQX (up from 3200 sat to 21000 sat this week)

This cryptocurrency is in its initial stages and is booming on the market.
They are going to offer us an user-friendly intuitive way to invest in
several cryptocurrency index funds, grouped by theme/aspect. continue reading

Investment opportunity #2 – E-Currency Coin (ECC) – still at 8 satoshi!

This crypto has lots of stuff going on for it but the pesky wallet core
update has left the wallet on coinexchange.io in maintenance for close to
two months now. Once at 48 satoshi, ECC can easily go back up there once
the wallet is fixed. The price is a bargain now. continue reading

Investment opportunity #3 – AdEx (ADX) – might
be too late on that one, unless you wanna hold long-term

ADX exploded this week and we are in the aftermath of a huge spike. This
is no doubt a great project that promises to change the landscape of
traditional online advertising, but I don’t think the coin is undervalued
currently. continue reading

Investment opportunity #4 – Belacoin – potential
to multiply. A big event coming on 16th of August

Other than the forementioned event, there is a rumor for listing on Bittrex
(developer said on slack that they emailed him to ask for a logo). And
other than that, their flagman project belacam.com which is currently in
its ugly beta, is getting a grand beautiful redesign the following
days/weeks. It is like Instagram, but you get paid for likes you get. continue reading

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