Weekly newsletter #2 August 19

CryptoHydra Weekly #2

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Hey there!

Recap from last week – BQX keeps bringing profits. Bela had a rebranding
with a new logo, new website, a registered company and 4-5 job postings,
however the price dropped. No one knows why. AdEx had an even bigger spike that put the first one to shame after it was announced that they are
going to partner up with NEO. ECC hasn’t moved but developer starts full
time on it next month.

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This week, I will tell you about two massive projects and two shit ones.
It is important to know what not to invest in.

Investment opportunity #1 IOTA

This superhightech crypto creates a new reality around itself, my main
concern is the 3 billion tokens in circulation. continue reading

Investment opportunity #2 – Signatum. Welcome
to the dark side

I didn’t like Signatum and what it stands for, one bit. Dark web,
general-purpose, anonymity, whitepaper quickly thrown together
continue reading

Investment opportunity #3 – NEO – Is it too late to invest in it?

NEO is the so called “Chinese Ethereum” and there is so much potential in it. I would definitely buy more but I will wait for the price to fall a little more for a profitable re-entry continue reading

Investment opportunity #4 – Enigma XNG

A shitcoin for all its worth. Abandoned project, good for nothing. Stay away. continue reading

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