Weekly newsletter #3 27 August 2017

CryptoHydra Weekly #3

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Hey there!

This week I went into turbo mode and reviewed 5 cryptocurrency, and I
am going to invest (already invested in some) i 4 out of those 5!

Investment opportunity #1 district0x

They want to rebuild the internet atop smart contracts and
decentralized blockchains. continue reading

Investment opportunity #2 – Aragon

Aragon enables you to create decentralized organizations,
add members, issue shares, enforce bylaws, do your accounting
on the blockchain with a super easy to use UI
continue reading

Investment opportunity #3 – Veritaseum

They want to cut the middle man in financial securities markets
by “veritizing” everything into a digital tradeable asset. They have
been called a scam recently, so I did a lot of research to find out
whether that is the case continue reading

Investment opportunity #4 – Ark

Among a plethora of user-centric, practically useful projects, they
want to offer blockchain as a service continue reading

Investment opportunity #5 – Lykke

This project might change the world as we know it.
They can attach absolutely any financial security as
meta-information to 1 satoshi and make it a colored coin
then let absolutely anyone trade it. Forex, crypto, stocks,
contracts, etfs, futures – everything on their exchange
continue reading

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