Why I look at domain names, TLDs, platforms and GitHub when evaluating cryptocurrencies

Domain name and TLD

Domain name is the website name, for instance facebook.com – facebook is the domain name. The TLD (top-level domain) is the .com suffix. I rate this because different TLDs are much more expensive than others (some as .eu are among the cheapest) and that shows if they spent a good amount of money on both obtaining an expensive domain (most one-word domains have been taken 20 years ago and cost millions to obtain, for the .com or .net that is)

For instance, ECC is crypto-united.io or something along those lines – cheapish and the domain doesn’t correspond to the crypto name. this flaw is not necessarily a bad thing – might be interpreted as a reason why many people would pass the coin, i.e. not buy it which if we know for certain that the coin is good, would make it undervalued (one among many things that make up the price) and a good buying opportunity

However, since my comments on this point are getting redundant, I will drop it from the reports and only mention something if it’s worth mentioning.

Custom website or a wordpress template

WordPress templates are abundant on the internet. There are thousands of free ones and thousands of templates available for purchase, usually in the $10-100 range. It is easy for a web developer to spot a wordpress site, not as easy for the regular folks. It pays to know if the website is custom made (much more expensive) or quickly thrown together (scam alert). If you don’t know what the answer is, ask a web developer friend (you most likely have at least one).


Software is written in text files, grouped in folders or packages by one or more programmers.
github is the most popular place for open-source software (one with publicly visible source code) to store their source code.

if a crypto has a public github repo – this is good because we can track their progress.

Sometimes the technology in development is top secret, and open-sourcing it (making it public) would deprave the project of its biggest advantage – so do not always assume that the lack of open source code is a bad thing – but find out if that’s the case.

You can either find it on their website somewhere or by entering “<crypto name> crypto github” or “<crypto name> crypto source code” on google – “rise crypto github”, for instance

there, they have one or more repositories – they house the source code for different projects of theirs. for instance the website can be in one repository, the android app in another repository, the desktop wallet in a third one. more often than not, different developers contribute to those, because they are all written in different programming languages.

So, if the github repos are public, you can click them and you can see how often the software developers “commit” (upload new work) – there is a mark there somewhere, saying “last updated 2 days ago”

Then you can click the repository and see how many contributors are there, and how many public members are there (and possibly even click their profiles to see what else they are up to)

Once in the repository, there is a section commits that lists the dates and contributors that committed code – the more frequent – the better. Means the project is in active development.

You can also click some of the commits and see what changes and new files they’ve introduced in the code – if there are some serious calculations and business logic or small insignificant changes (to give a less cautious observer the impression that there are commits being made and work is being done)